Friday, November 18, 2011

CAKP The Best!

Here some pictures about CAKP (Cabaran Anugerah Ketua Pesuruhjaya) yang aku telah lalui. As the calon of Queen Girl Guide, we have to face all this. And thanks to God that we had reach this level. And yet, kami kena tunggu the result. Before the camp, we have to plan. Like seriously, we prepared all those things 1 week before the camp. Setiap hari must prepare all the things, handphone must be on, and the lencana pon kena siapkan. We have to settle 12 badges before the camp.

The day we reach the campsite, semua mcam tktau nak buat apa. And all of us ada 13 subcamp. Tapi yang sedihnya, peserta only 72 people. So, we decide nak gabung. First night pon okay. That is the time bila pemimpin menilai kami. And the COH has gone smoothly because we all tired and feels like dying alreadyy.

Second day, kami dapat baju baru for activiti Survival. HEHE. Tapi baju tu look alike yang Campboree masa June haritu. But nevermind, as long I dapat baju baru tak kesah. HEHE. Malam kebudayaan is the best part. About 9 o'clock macam tu, sukarelawan cakap diorang nak buat persembahan. So taktau apa pon yang berlaku. Then, they say yang depa nak ahli subkem decorate their own ketua subkem to be anything. Ilyani, my penolong decide to turn me up into Statue of Liberty. I was likee.. Dah la everyth
ing macam cepat gila. Dengan masa depa bagi pon sat ja nk decorate. Decorate plak guna recycle things and alat tulis. HAHA. Tapi I'm not the Model for that night. Sry won it :) Dia jadi Lady Gaga. HAHA :) COH that night sekejap ja sebab after that kami ada night walk. Serious scary gilaaa -.-

Third day, we have to go back :( Sedih nak tinggalkan anak buah. All memories there cannot be
replace. Seriously we had a good day with the subcampers :)

The finalist :)

Statue of CAKP

The Queen's Girl Guide-to-be

The Queen's Girl Guide-to-be again! :)

The campers :)

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